Emily Clair is a country singer and songwriter from Ontario. The  passion and inspiration for music that she has, began at the age of two. Emily was often caught by her parent's singing herself  to sleep as a child. 

Growing up with a musical family, she was exposed to many different genres of music and soon developed a love for country! Over ten years of vocal and piano lessons she soon decided to learn how to play the guitar. The acoustic guitar allowed Emily to grow as an artist, as she began to write original music and the words started to pour out onto the page. 

Emily's music is derived from her own story. Her lyrics are all personal from her past experiences, so that she can connect with people on an emotional level.   

In the past year her single 'Running on Empty,' was released to Canadian Country Radio. She has also been performing shows around the Ontario circuit with her band, or doing acoustic performances in songwriter rounds. As she continues to evolve and grow as a country artist,  moving into 2019 Emily is in the process of writing and recording new music in which the goal is to have her first EP out by the end of the year.  

You can find her new single 'Me or the Whiskey,' that was recently released, on all streaming platforms. It is Emily's goal to bring back a more traditional soulful, and sultry sound to the mainstream country music scene!