Her Story: 

Emily Clair is a country singer-songwriter from Ontario. The passion for her music began at the age of two, often caught by her parent's singing herself to sleep as a child. Growing up in a musical family listening to classic music, she developed rock roots with a soulful sound, but her heart lies in the storytelling of country music.

With over ten years of vocal and piano lessons, she  decided to pick up the acoustic guitar and develop her craft as a writer. Emily's music is mainly derived from her own chapters, so that she can connect with people on an emotional level.

In the past year one of her latest single’s ‘Me or the Whiskey,’ landed her a spot on CBC, SiriusXM's Country Radio 171, reaching the top forty spin count, playing across North America. Her single was also listed in the top 50 True North Country Countdown, and included in the top ten favourite country songs on Front Porch Music, alongside Chad Brownlee, Jade Eagleson, Aaron Pritchett, Shawn Austin and Sons of Daughters to name a few, bringing the most traffic to their website for 2019. Emily also placed as a semifinalist in the ‘Unsigned Only,’ music competition of 2019, throughout North America.

Moving into 2020, Emily's most recent single 'The Sobering Truth,' hit the top 40 on SXM radio shortly after the release. Clair has also developed an all female writer’s round called ‘The Songbird’s Series,’ to support women in country music. Currently she is in the process of writing and recording new music for her EP, bringing back a more traditional, sultry sound to the mainstream country music scene!